About us

We are a sports management company based in London that specialises in the representation of professional footballers
and academy scholars, by guiding a new generation of football stars and helping them maximise
their careers and earning potential, on and off the playing field.

We offer a wide and elite range of services to our clients that include Sports Coaching,
Marketing & Sponsorship, Contract Negotiations, Legal Advice & Representation, Club Sourcing and Mentoring work.
At Eighty Nine sports ; our team of experienced FA Registered Intermediaries and our dedicated Client Management
staff ensure all of our clients needs are fulfilled, as we pride ourselves on acting in the best interests
of our players and ensuring that every decision is taken with a view to maximising their full potential.


Our Services


Eighty Nine sports provides a range of football coaching sessions,  which are provided for our clients who we feel that might need to improve their game. Our sessions are based in Hackney which runs on a Monday and Thursdays. Players can become restricted to the standard of playing style they are coached, training regime and the way they maintain their bodies. Eighty nine sports ensures that Players will fulfil their full potential by pushing players to succeed.


Eighty nine sports management works with corporate entities and sports federations to provide sponsorship management services that fit the clients objectives.  Eighty nine sports focuses on multinational corporates with a desire to deepen their roots in developing markets.  We have direct contact with many major sports public relations company all across the world. We seek to promote and enhance the profile of our clients. We introduce them to the media and promote their marketability. This includes sponsorship with many brands already represented by sports icons across the world. We also cater for the clients public and media relations including, national press, television and radio.


We provide a personalised career management service, giving our clients the opportunity to contact us at any time. We also believe in keeping close contact with each individual client through continuous phone contact, match attendance and personal meetings. Our aim is to build a long-term professional relationship with our players, guiding them through their inevitable lows and ultimate highs.



Whether sourcing a loan move or finding an out-of-contract player, we are able to call on our network of contacts at professional clubs both local and abroad, to find a club that matches our clients footballing dream.


Eighty nine sports ensures that every contract we negotiate is in the best interest of our clients and reflects their true worth. This includes maximum financial reward and maximum financial security. When in negotiations with clubs, the players agent places paramount importance on these criteria’s when negotiating professional player contracts.


Eighty nine sports has in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations of the sport governing bodies of FIFA and the FA. Eighty nine sports Management’s Lawyers shall deal with any litigation, conflict or disputes which may involve any of our clients both inside and outside the sports world.